The aim of Neuropedagogy is to interpret the relationship between sound and learning process. In researches as: Shuster and Mousen (1982), by using baroque music during the learning process became clear than the group of stimulated people learned 30% more words than the other group without music stimulation. In other words, the rhythm, tone, and music melody tend to relax the patients allowing this way the development of a high cognitive process [1].

The objective of this research is to identify a sound or a combination of them, with the mentioned characteristics in order to maximize the learning process; the obtained data by the EEG lecture and interpretation, plus the correlation with the applied acoustic stimuli, increases even more in the understanding of the brain waves.

The development of this project will be built on the degree work “Design, build and implementation of an Audiovisual Stimulation Prototype by analyzing alfa waves”, conducted in the Research Group of Biomedical Engineering (GIIB) from the Polytechnic Salesian University – Cuenca Headquarters – and the Doctorial work “Influence of Binaural Sound Stimulation in Generating Brainwaves” conducted in Complutence Universtiy in Madrid.


[1] JIMÉNEZ VÉLEZ Carlos Alberto, Neuropedagogía La Música y el Aprendizaje, Ministerio de Educación del Ecuador. DISPONIBLE EN: http://www.remq.edu.ec/neuro/musica_aprendizaje.pdf

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